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Drake’s World War 3 Meme Went Viral On Twitter, The Best Reactions

Drake became a meme once again as World War 3 hashtag started trending on Twitter.

It’s only a week ago that Drake released his new song “War,” and it couldn’t be more relevant to the current theme online as social media erupts after President Trump ordered the killing of Iran’s military leader Gen. Qassim Suleimani. In the midst of the seriousness of a potential new war in the Middle East, some folks are finding humor perhaps as a way of lightening the mood. Drake finds himself in the middle of the comedy as a photo of a young boy who closely resembles the 6 God started trending.

Drake too, is likely finding some humor in all of this, but at the moment, he is at the center of the meme frenzy on Twitter. Aside from getting memed, the Toronto rapper is locked down at his home studio putting in hours into his next album, due sometime this year. Drake usually drops around March/April and then goes on tour in the summer, so the wait might not be that too long for the project.

The Toronto rap legend is also working on the second installment of his joint mixtape with Future, What A Time To Be Alive 2. The pair were recently spotted filming a music video at a McDonald’s in Atlanta, so it’s evident that the project is at an advanced state.