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Lori Harvey Boyfriend Future Spends New Years With Her Ex Diddy In Miami

Lori Harvey and Diddy

Future and Diddy just linked up for some water sports with DJ Khaled, but where was Lori Harvey?

DJ Khaled invited his friends out for the new year to jet ski. The super producer shared a video to social media of him on the water with producer and businessman Sean “Diddy” Combs who used to date Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter Lori Harvey, and rapper Future who is currently dating her. In the video, Khaled says he always rings in the new year with Diddy to which Diddy added, “and then go jet skiing.” Khaled then turns the camera to Future and says, “Yo Future, life is good,” to which the rapper responds, “Life is great.”

Many were left to wonder where Lori Harvey could be while her ex-boyfriend and current boyfriend were playing with their toys. The model soothed curiosities with a picture she posted on her Instagram story of some organic juices along with the statement “woke up feeling” and the crying emoji.

After learning that Lori was “sick,” one fan suggested that she’s pregnant (because she’s dating Future, get it?). Another fan summed up some of what most people were thinking in one comment. “Wow that would of been kinda awkward for her to go with the both of them anyway,” a fan who appears to believe the timely coincidence wrote.

Others were more imaginative with their ideas of what the jet ski party-goers mingled about. “DJ [khaled] is the only one that ain’t hit it…. you know he asking questions and diddy’s and future swapping notes,” one fan wrote. “Lori ain’t sick…she knew why she ain’t want to see diddy,” they added.

No matter what the conversation was about, hats off to them for being able to go on excursions together and be more than cordial. It’s the level of maturity that what we all aspire to achieve. For real though, what do you think they talked about?