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Mack Maine Addresses Reports Lil Wayne Having Cocaine & Gun When Feds Searched His Plane

Mack Maine addresses new reports Lil Wayne had drugs and a golden gun in his luggage during a recent FBI search of his private jet.

Young Money Entertainment president Mack Maine is calling out tabloids for running false news reports regarding Lil Wayne’s private jet search in Miami last month. Mack Maine is all about making bank, and he knows what works and what is bad for business. The record label executive took to Twitter to make a fair statement to the public, more specifically, the media. “STOP running these bogus ass stories without all the facts for likes and views!” Mack wrote on Twitter. “Get the story right before you post bogus sh*t! It’s bad for business,” he said.

While Mack Maine did not mention what specific story drove him over the edge, fans have been speculating that it might have something to do with Lil Wayne’s recent run-in with the feds. Tunechi’s private jet was searched by federal agents, and he and his entourage were not allowed to leave the airport until the search was complete. Reports are that the feds got a tip that there might be drugs being transported on the plane.

After the search, Lil Wayne sent out a tweet assuring fans that it’s all good. “All goody! I think they thought I was talking abt a different ‘Pack’ in my last tweet. But anyway GO PACK GO!!!” the rapper wrote. However, the Miami Herald published another story alleging that a handgun and drugs were found in Wayne’s bag during the search.

I have to say that fact-checking should always be the most imperative part of reporting. The media depicts who these celebrities really are in the eyes of their fans with their headlines, and some of these headlines can really make or break an artist. Do you think Mack Maine has a right to be peeved off?