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Lil Wayne Addresses Reports The FBI Searching His Private Jet In Miami

Lil Wayne has stepped forward to address reports his private jet was searched by the FBI in Miami.

Rapper Lil Wayne had a run-in with the feds when his private jet was searched at the Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport on Monday. According to the Miami Herald, Lil Wayne was a passenger on the plane, which was searched by federal agents today (December 23). The plane arrived from California with Lil Wayne and his associates on board. Reports are that law enforcement received a tip that drugs were possibly being transported on the plane. A law enforcement source reportedly advised the Miami Herald at the time that they were working on acquiring a warrant from the judge to carry out the search.

Upon arriving at his destination, Wayne was greeted by an army of FBI agents, Drugs and Alcohol Bureau agents, Firearm and Explosive agents, the Miami-Dade Police, and more.

Authorities seemingly procured the search warrant through the court before completing a thorough search of the cabin. Lil Wayne and his entourage reportedly could not leave the airport until the search was completed.

While reports did not confirm that Lil Wayne or any of his associates were charged with possession, Weezy, as we all know, is a marijuana enthusiast who has never been shy or reluctant to express that. The rapper recently launched his own brand of pre-rolled joints called “GKUA Ultra Premium,” which promises to give you the best high of your life and is made from some of the finest cannabis according to the website. He also shared a video to Instagram this weekend of himself inside his skateboarding compound, rolling a blunt and smoking up before doing a few board tricks.

Weezy has since addressed the reports on Twitter. “All goody! I think they thought I was talking abt a different ‘Pack’ in my last tweet. But anyway GO PACK GO,” he tweeted.

Interestingly, the video was a tribute to the late Juice WRLD, who was often compared to Lil Wayne. Juice was met at the Chicago airport by federal agents earlier this month after they reportedly were tipped off by the pilot that there were drugs on the plane.

We hope this won’t go much further than it has with Lil Tunechi, and the rapper can continue enjoying this festive season with his family and friends.