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Yaya Mayweather Shares Clip With Her Mom Wilding Out To NBA YoungBoy Diss Track

Floyd Mayweather’s daughter Yaya Mayweather found some humor in NBA YoungBoy’s diss track, “Dirty Iyanna.”

Perhaps this is her way of turning an L into a W, or she is simply just letting NBA YoungBoy, and the world knows that she is totally unbothered by his disrespect. Iyanna Mayweather, aka Money Yaya, shared the below clip of herself and her mother wilding out to Never Broke Again’s infamous diss track “Dirty Iyanna.” The Baton Rouge rapper stunned the hip hop community earlier this month when he unleashed the single inspired by Michael Jackson’s classic, “Dirty Diana.” The single was released with an accompanying music video that perfectly chronicled the events he is rapping about in the track.

One of the main points of contention was when Yaya allegedly slashed the tires on his Maybach earlier this year. YoungBoy even managed to find an Iyanna Mayweather look-a-like female to play the part of his toxic ex-girlfriend who slashed the tires on his luxury car and damaged his property. Money Yaya got trolled on Twitter when the video came out, and she responded, saying it’s not that serious.

It appears that she is pretty content with everything and has the full support of mommy Yaya, who was spotted in the video she shared on IG of the two of them singing the song while the track is being played in their car. The video is pretty hilarious and showcases a lighter side to the tension between herself and NBA YoungBoy, who has since moved on with a bunch of different females.