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Tracee Ellis Ross Apologizes To Saweetie For Messing Up Her Name In Hilarious Video

Tracee Ellis Ross had a hard time pronouncing Sawettie’s name, and it’s hilarious.

It’s been almost a week since Diddy’s insane 50th birthday bash, and yet more and more crazy moments keep emerging from the upscale event. So far we’ve seen Jay-Z snatch a phone, Joe Budden made up with Quavo, Meek Mill spit a drunken freestyle, and now Tracee Ellis Ross is having a crazy revelation about the night. The actress recently went on Instagram live and told fans that she ran into rapper Saweetie at the party, but had a little bit of trouble pronouncing her stage name.

“I have recently been informed that that beautiful lady that was wearing that dress at Puffy’s 50th birthday that was hanging off of her luscious body, that her name is “Sweetie.”,” the “Blackish” star said. “Because you know what I thought her name was? ‘Sa-wi-tee.’ I was like, listen, ‘Did you see what ‘Sa-wi-tee’ was wearing? But her name is not ‘Sa-wi-tee.” Tracee Ellis Ross then went on to mention another familiar celebrity whose name she had all wong — Safaree Samuels. “And then the other guy, Safaree, I thought his name was ‘Sarafee.’ I think something is wrong with me!,” she laughed.

Saweetie had already made a moment for herself at the party when a video surfaced of her mingling with none other than Beyoncé Knowles-Carter. The “Icy” rapper, who is currently dating Quavo of the Migos, nabbed a photo with Queen Bey and Kelly Rowland during the party. This latest revelation from a huge star like Tracee Ellis Ross means Saweetie is getting the attention of some pretty good company.