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Drake Went Viral For Pulling Famous ‘Do You Know Who I Am?’ Card

Even a huge star like Drake sometimes have to whip out the “Do you know who I am?” card, as in the case of this viral video.

Drake is both a lyrical genius and a sensational singer. His stardom profile has accorded him power and connections in his home country. Word of his influence spread when he helped American producer, JetsonMade, get into Canada. If you get into trouble with the authorities in Toronto, you better have his number. Surprisingly, even the most-streamed rapper of the decade has his humbling moments. His last cameo at Tyler the Creators Camp Flog Gnaw, was one of those moments as he got booed while on stage. That, however, did not deter the Toronto native from making other unannounced appearances or producing new music.

A video of Drake popped up, showing the OVO rapper acting very surprised when a security asked him if he had permission to be where he was. The rapper had just checked into a nightclub but seemed confused as to why the security guard did not acknowledge his status as an A-list. At first, the security staff leans forward to ask him a question at which he responds, “Myself?”

The background music makes it impossible to decipher what the guard might be actually saying. However, we can speculate what it was given the meme-like contours on Drake’s face afterward. He was probably asked, “Who are you with?” after which he thought about the silliness of the question before adding, “Do you know who I am?”

While Drake obviously didn’t mean to sound pompous, maybe he just reacted instantaneously, who knows. On Tuesday, DaBaby pulled out the ‘Free Spirit’ rapper at a concert in Toronto. Many saw this as a major highlight of the budding North Carolina rappers’ career, given Drake’s invisible status in Canada. Performing alongside the icon on got DaBaby sharing an Instagram clip of their performance alongside the caption, “Shared the stage w/a legend tonight.”