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Cyn Santana Confronts Joe Budden About Cheating On ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Premiere

Cyn Santana opened up about her breakup with Joe Budden, but the two tell an entirely different version of what happened.

Joe Budden and Cyn Santana’s breakup was perhaps one of the most shocking celebrity splits of 2019. The year began with the two getting engaged, but they suddenly broke off their relationship only a few months later amidst rumors that Joe Budden was unfaithful. Neither he nor Cyn have publicly addressed the reason they parted ways, although Cyn said leaving Joe was the best decision she could have made for her and their 2-year-old son Lexington. But the mystery behind the breakup came to light Monday during the two-hour premiere of Love & Hip Hop: New York where Cyn Santana and Joe came face-to-face about his alleged infidelity.

Cyn Santana, 27, told producers that she packed her stuff and moved out when she found out that hip hop veteran and media mogul Joe Budden, 39, was cheating on her. But Joe claims that Cyn went through his phone and found things that were “inappropriate,” and that they argued about his frequent visits to the strip club — but he never cheated.

The two faced off, and Joe continued to deny ever stepping outside of their relationship. “You lie about every single thing!” Cyn said on the show. “Do you think that I would leave my family and my house off of things that I am just pulling out of my a**?” But Joe dismissed her claims. “Cyn, you argued about women every other day,” he replied. “B**ches you f**king, yes!” Cyn said. The producers asked what exactly she found in his phone to which Cyn said, “Things you find when a man is cheating and stepping outside of their relationship.”

Later on in the episode, Joe Budden ran into his other ex-fiance Tahiry Jose who returned to this season of LHH after years of living in LA. The producers asked her would she ever consider getting back with Joe, and she said she really didn’t know, but according to Tahiry, the show edited her words out of context. “YA’ll TRIED IT!!!! EDITING IS A BITCH! #LHHNY THAT WAS NEVER MY ANSWER BUT I GUESS THATS WHAT THE WORLD WANTS TO SEE,” she wrote on Instagram shortly after the episode aired.

To top it all off- Joe and Cyn were spotted watching the premiere in real-time together last night alongside their fellow castmates Yandy and JuJu. So it is hard to say what’s really going on with those two! There is surely more to come out of this love triangle on the newest season of LHH.