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50 Cent Called Out Oprah Over Russell Simmons #MeToo Documentary

50 Cent has attacked Oprah Winfrey over her Russell Simmons #MeToo documentary.

On Thursday, 50 Cent made a surprising statement about Harvey Weinstein reaching a $25 million settlement with his accusers. Fif called the settlement agreement a money grab. It seems that the G-Unit rap legend is far from done with saying anything on the subject. His newest target is media mogul Oprah Winfrey, who reportedly produced a documentary on Russell Summons’ accusers. Earlier this year, Simmons came under attack from multiple women accusing him of sexual assault. She also did a controversial documentary series on Michael Jackson called Leaving Neverland, for which she received a lot of backlash.

50 Cent’s issue is that she is doing another documentary on accusers of another black man, while there are several white men facing similar accusations.

“I don’t understand why Oprah is going after black men,” 50 wrote. “No Harvey Weinstein, No Epstein, just Micheal jackson and Russell Simmons this sh*t is sad. Gale hit R Kelly with the death blow documentary. Every time I hear Micheal jackson I don’t know whether to dance or think about the little boys butts. These documentary’s are publicly convicting there targets, it makes them guilty till proven innocent.”

This isn’t the first time that 50 Cent is speaking on Michael Jackson’s accusations. The rapper/actor previously got into it with the Jackson family and fans of MJ online who went after him for some previous scathing remarks about the late king of pop. Nevertheless, Fif has remained firm on his arguments, and now he is calling out another heavyweight in entertainment, Oprah.

50 Cent might be in over his head with this battle, if one should be ensued by going after Oprah. Be careful with this one Fif, we don’t want to see Power yanked from our TVs.