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Nipsey Hussle’s Artist Killa Twan Sends A Message To Wack 100 and Blueface

Nipsey Hussle’s artist Killa Twan had some words for Blueface and famous hip-hop manager, Wack 100 in response to the controversial statements recently made about Nipsey’s murder.

It all began when it was brought to light that Nipsey Hussle had called his shooter, Eric Holder a snitch prior to the fatal incident. Wack 100 was recently discussing the repercussions of calling someone out of their name in the hood. During a podcast session called “No Jumper”, Wack basically said Nipsey should have expected some retaliation after calling Eric Holder, his murderer, a snitch. According to Wack, it’s just “street rules” and since Nipsey was talking to a “shooter” he should have known what to expect.

“In this jungle, everybody is not for everything. Everybody is not the shooter, everybody not the fighter, some are the hustlers,” Wack said. “If you call someone a b*tch, or a snitch, a rapist, a pedophile, when you call somebody these things in this jungle, it’s no different than you being a football player and going on the field without your helmet on.”

Killa Twan was not condoning anything less than remorse and grief at the mention of Nipsey’s death. In response to the comments that are still yielding hate comments from many irate fans, Killa Twan tweeted: “On NicKersons I’ll f**k over @bluefacebleedem in a head up squabble. LiL ni**a betta watch his muhhf***n mouf… him & wack!!” Blueface and Wack 100 have yet to respond to Twan but if this goes on it just might turn into an even bigger feud with an even more devastating end.

Wack is a “veteran gang-banger-turned-manager” so if Killa Twan actually pursues this feud, it might get ugly. It’s not at all surprising to see the late Nispey Hussle’s artist defending his name or honor, but we sincerely hope it will not get him ousted as well.