Rosh Rebel Drops New Single “Loving You” From Self-Titled EP

Rosh Rebel

Jamaican singer Rosh Rebel released her new track “Loving You,” and fans are loving the cool and affectionate tone of the track.

Urban Islandz previously reported that the second single off of Rosh’s self-titled EP, would be coming out this month. The Illtraxx Records production was released today (Oct 26), and the song is a vibe. Rosh took to Instagram to announce the song’s debut. “OUT NOW!!! Rosh Rebel x Illtraxx Records ‘Loving You’ is available on several music platforms. Get to listening and purchasing now,” the vocalist wrote.

The beat, which is described in the video description as a “soft dancehall-pop type riddim,” was curated by Verley Reid, who is the same producer behind the first banger off of the EP, “Real Love.”

In this newest track, Rosh talks about loving her other half being something she intends to do perpetually, like a hobby.

“And I’ll be there to listen / Whatever that is missin’ I’ll give it to you baby / And I’ll be there to hold you / Whenever you’re cold I will warm your soul / Even when we’re grey and old / And all the stories have been told / You’ll be the one I want to hold,” Rosh Rebel sings.

This is definitely giving me wedding song vibes. As usual, this songbird delivers top tier harmonies and vocals on this well-composed track that was mixed by Barbados-based producer, Escaban and mastered by Moon Tree Mastering. Check out “Loving You” by Rosh Rebel now and look out for her upcoming EP, “Rosh.”