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T.I. Says Lil Kim Deserves Top Rapper List Spot Over Nicki Minaj

T.I. is adamant that Lil Kim deserves a spot on the list of Greatest Rappers Of All-Time over Nicki Minaj.

Making a list and checking it twice, trying to see who is naughty or nice. Not sure if this is what the crew on T.I.‘s ExpediTIously was singing; however, they did make a list, and naughty Nicki did not make the cut. The Southern rapper is known for speaking his mind openly and freely, even cutting off friends if their views are not aligned with his way of thinking. A prime example of this is when Mr. West, Kanye West, decided to hop on the Trump train.

In his latest episode, the rapper and his associates, such as rapper Bun B sat down to complete a list of their 50 greatest rappers.

When it was time to address which female rapper should be added, the battle was waged between two of rap’s greatest. T.I.P. made the group know, “It’s between Lil’ Kim and Nicki [Minaj].” He continued, “I don’t think we can have both because they are a direct reflection of one another.” One of the panel members imputed that without Kim, Nicki would not be able to do what she does today. T.I.P. seemed in agreement with the statement and mentioned that Lil Kim paved the way for Nicki. Both Lil Kim and Nicki hail from New York and may just have similar backgrounds, in the gritty streets of New York. Lil Kim was a member of the Notorious BIG clique, Junior Mafia, and rose to prominence in the 90s, ensuring a strong female presence in the hip-hop game. T.I. did pay respects Nicki stating, “She [Nicki] is one of the biggest-selling artists of all time and I salute that. Impact, impact, impact.”

Even though the group gave Nicki Minaj her props, it seems the Brooklyn rapper edge the Trinidad born, Queens rapper out in this race. We all wonder how Nicki will take this review, especially since both Nicki and Kim were feuding up to August of last year.