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DaBaby’s Bodyguard Kane Kong Addresses Backlash For Knocking Out Woman On Video

DaBaby’s bodyguard, Kane Kong, has stepped forward to address backlash stemming from video footage of him knocking out a female fan.

On Sunday, a video went viral, showing DaBaby’s security guard punching a woman in the audience knocking her unconscious. The footage caused quite a stir on social media with a lot of fans sounding off about the security guard doing too much. The rapper’s security, who goes by the name Kane Kong on Instagram, says he saw a guy punching the “Suge” rapper in the back of the head, so he retaliate by putting him down.

“Despite what y’all say I see a due alright,” he said. “I see a dude wilding but okay he wilding but as long as he don’t touch my artiste am cool, so I am getting my artiste out of here. Next thing I know the motherf**** go and punch my artiste in the back of the head as you see in the video.”

Kane added that he quickly retaliated when he saw DaBaby getting punched in the back of the head and put down the perpetrator. The bodyguard says he and the rapper quickly made their way out the crowd and left the venue and only found out this morning that it was a female that got knocked out. Nevertheless, he insisted that he was only protecting his artiste from physical arm.

DaBaby is notorious for getting into scuffles at his shows. Just last week, the “Kirk” rapper was captured on video punching at a fan who was grabbing at his chain. Perhaps he needs to reconsider going into the crowd at his concerts because it could prove to be dangerous for both him and his security team, as well as, other fans in the crowd who just come there to party. There might also be some legal troubles for him down the road if this female fan decides to sue.