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DaBaby Security Punched A Female Fan Unconscious On Video, Chaos At His Show

DaBaby’s security guard knocked out a female fan cold amidst chaos at one of his shows this weekend.

The Cleveland rapper is having a wild weekend with the success of his new album Kirk hitting the airwaves on Friday, to the turn-up atmosphere at his concerts. Apparently, things got a little too ‘turnt’ at one of his shows on Saturday night, which led to one female fan getting knocked out by his security. Judging from the history of these things happening at artistes concerts, he might find himself with some legal problems down the road as a result of the melee.

If you’ve ever been to a DaBaby concert, then you would know that he likes to get up close and person with his fans. Last night he did just that and opted to go into the audience and thus, giving his security guards some extra work to do. It appears his fans got a little rowdy forcing one of his guards to punched a female fan knocking her unconscious. You can watch what happened in the video below posted by TMZ, which shows the chaos that was happening.

It’s hard to tell if DaBaby’s life was in danger or if the security guard was doing too much to protect him. After all, he was the one who opted to go into the audience, that is not something that artistes usually do because of safety reasons.

Just a week ago, another video clip surfaced online showing DaBaby punching a fan who tried to snatch his chain. He received a lot of support from his fans for his action then, but this time, fans are suggesting that his security team went a bit too far. Perhaps the “Suge” might want to think twice going forward about going into the crowd and crowd surfing at his shows.