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Cardi B Speaks On Jay-Z’s NFL Deal, Says Hov Can Bring Colin Kaepernick Back

Cardi B

Cardi B believes Jay-Z can make some major changes in the NFL.

Celebrities and fans alike have been voicing their opinions on Jay-Z’s latest venture with the NFL, a deal that is supposed to bring more awareness to social injustices in our country. So of course when TMZ caught up to Bronx rap superstar Cardi B Saturday night, they asked her opinion on the fellow New Yorker’s move.

“I think that [Jay-Z] can make a change, you know what I’m saying? I feel like he just didn’t went on an NFL deal without an agreement,” Cardi said. While it wasn’t a perfect sentence, we got the jist of what she meant. In her defense, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper had just left a party at the  Bryant Park Hotel where she celebrating blogger Jason Lee’s birthday alongside other celebs like Wendy Williams. Cardi was getting into her vehicle in a somewhat chipper mood and rambled on a bit in her responses.

In any case she continued her point, saying “I feel like he went in there like, ‘Alright. If you guys want me to work with y’all, y’all need to bring my peoples in then. Y’all need to do things my way.’ and I feel like he’s gonna change it.”

The pap then asked if her opinion about the deal differed when she considered the fact that Colin Kaepernick is still out of a job, after protesting during the national anthem of NFL games three years ago.

“I feel like JAY-Z could bring back Colin Kaepernick. I feel like he has that power,” she said.

Cardi also suggested that artists come together and do a benefit concert to raise money for prison reform. And in other politics, the 26-year-old star said she wouldn’t mind the idea of performing at the Democratic National Convention or even The White House if her new friend Bernie Sanders wins the 2020 presidential election. The two sat down for a video Q&A in an attempt to mobilize younger voters.

As for her own talk show? Cardi told TMZ her mouth is too slick for that idea.