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Blueface’s Sister Teases Diss Track As Family Beef Continues

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Family feud. Blueface sister is about to drop a diss track.

Rapper Blueface, who’s most popularly known for his hit single “Thotiana,” has been no stranger to the tabloids recently. The offbeat rapper was condemned by some users online for a recent debacle with him and his family that resulted in him kicking out both his mother and sister. The incident was recorded and posted on social media caught a lot of negative criticism towards the rapper when he banished his family from his home. Not many users took his side even though his own sister had pulled a knife on him.

The drama has been ongoing as Blueface has since accused his mother and sister of chasing clout. “Sheesh you know it’s getting hectic when Yo own momma do it for the clout,” the “Thotiana” rapper shared on his Instagram. “Sister tryna get a whole modeling career going off this an y’ all really buying this.” Blueface who was delighted by all the free publicity that the controversy had caused seemed unbothered by the critics.

The crip rapper who told the Breakfast Club just yesterday that the beef was squashed because he can’t hold a grudge must not have seen his sister’s diss track coming. In the preview of the upcoming song, Blueface’s older sister lays it all out on the beat. “Johnny talkin like he wit it when I know he not / Since you was good at throwing footballs guess you throwing shots / You my little brother, I don’t care about your buzz / Guess since you a crip, you don’t care about your blood / You shoulda stuck to football cause n—a you can’t rap / Your manager ain’t the only one that’s whack.”

It sounds like big sister intends to spill some real tea in this track. We can’t wait for the premiere of the full song.

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