Dalton Harris Addresses Gay Rumors Beef With Mother At Reggae Sumfest

Dalton Harris Sumfest

The X Factor winner Dalton Harris put on a show for his fans at last night’s Reggae Sumfest in Montego Bay.

Dalton Harris gets personal and honest about his journey, and his performance was well received with amazing melodies. Following the controversy surrounding some photos of him which surfaced during his X-Factor tenure, a performance in Jamaica was deemed unlikely as he even mentioned on stage during his performance. Harris addressed the gay rumors fallout and his beef with his mother, with whom he has yet to make peace.

“Dem wah me dead and dem seh mi diss me mother, me tell di truth bout me abuse and di poverty weh me conquer,” he said during his set. “Some people weh a talk nuh like dem mother and dem father.”

If he had expected a hostile reaction from the crowd, he got the complete opposite. His vocals almost commanded reverence, and you could see an element of surprise and fulfillment in the faces of the patrons as he patrolled the stage through his set. He delved into the “false” perception of him by his fellow people. He spoke to “not selling out his values” and sought to iron out any question the public might have had.

“Sumfest, a me fuss ‘Why’ miself over the likkle picture, but me shoulda know better because me know Jamaica culture,” he told the massive crowd. “Me nuh lean or me nuh wobble, everything copacetic, nah sell me soul or sexuality fi nuh million dollar cheque.”

After his original songs, he did renditions of songs he performed on The X Factor which helped him created history. Needless to say, he was sublime in his delivery, and the crowd reaction reflected his quality. His personality on stage was relatable and humorous inciting bouts of laughter throughout his performance.

He did it all; Dalton Harris had a rock-solid Reggae Sumfest debut.