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Young Buck Used 50 Cent Stunt To Promote New Music, Drops “Road Trip” Video

Young Buck is doing precisely what he needs to do.

The G-Unit rapper just released his new music video “Road Trip” off the back of 50 Cent recent stunt. Yesterday Fifty went on a trolling spree on his IG where he told his followers that Young Buck got some new music coming out, but he thinks that the LGBT community will support him even if he lost some of his core fans. This post was classic 50 Cent taking shots at other people while promoting something that will benefit his bottom line.

Shortly after Fif made the post, Buck went on an Instagram rant threatening to burn down his G-Unit boss career just like Ja Rule did. The only problem is, some fans don’t that that Ja Rule did any damage to 50 Cent’s career, it’s more like the other way around.

“Why Entertain Yo BS #Curtis!! #Compulsive EP OUT NOW!! PS: YOU know how I’m coming,” Young Buck wrote on IG. Buck has a new EP out, but he also accused 50 of holding him hostage in a contract with G-Unit. During his IG Live session, he asked Fif to release him from the contract and let him go.