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Jacquees Airs Out DJ Mustard For Pulling “Trip” Remix “Was A Hating Move”


Jacquees aired out DJ Mustard this morning for pulling his remix of Ella Mai’s “Trip.”

This feud has been going on since last year when Jacquees’ version of “Trip” was removed from YouTube and all streaming platforms. At the time, Ella Mai said she had nothing to do with the takeout after getting some backlash on social media. Her manager DJ Mustard later addressed the situation saying that his label was responsible for removing the unauthorized song. In a new interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood, the R&B singer weighs in on how he feels about Mustard.

“Really though DJ Mustard hated on me,” the singer said. “No cap, though. That was crazy—shout out to YG though that’s my partner and I want to work with DJ Mustard, too—But that was a hating move.”

Jacquees layer explained that he has been doing renditions of songs that he loved from since before he got his big break in music. He called them his “Quemixes.” His “Trip” remix was removed because the folks at Ella Mai’s label thought that he was profiting off of her work. He denied that he was making any money off the song.

Even though he claimed to not profiting off Ella Mai’s song, his version of “Trip” was a massive hit and has been widely seen as a defining moment for his career. In fact, fans loved Jacquees version of “Trip” way more than the original because of its raw sexual undertones.

Last year, Jacquees said that Ella Mai gave him her blessings when he told her that he was going to remake “Trip.” However, if you understand how the music industry work, then you would know that he also need permission from her label and possible the song’s producer to sample or remake it. Here is what DJ Mustard said last year.