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Twitter Reacts To Jacquees Being Forced To Remove Ella Mai’s “Trip” Remix

Ella Mai and Jacquees

Jacquees was forced to remove his remix of Ella Mai’s song “Trip” from Spotify.

Twitter is reacting with anger and disbelief to Jacquees being forced to remove his Ella Mai’s “Trip” remix from all streaming platforms because it’s outshining the original. In the world of music recording, you can’t just take someone’s song and chop it up and make it into your own because you can get sued. Nevertheless, artists have been doing this since the invention of music recording, and it will not stop as long as we keep singing.

There are some cases where the remix for a song is actually better than the original, and several artists like T-Pain and Pharrell have been notorious for taking a good song and make it even better, but not without permission. Atlanta singer Jacquees learn the hard way this week when Ella Mai and her team likely send her a takedown notice to remove his version of the song.

While some fans on Twitter expressed their understanding of why he should remove the song, others have expressed their anger because they’ve grown to like Jacquees version a lot more than the original. Ella Mai likely didn’t personally asked Jacquees to take down his remix of the song “Trip,” her label probably did the deed.

“I forget that everyone isn’t in the industry so they don’t know things,” one fan pointed out. “Y’all know Ella Mai did not personally make Jacquees take down his “Trip” remix, right? She’s signed to a whole a*s label. They do that with or without her permission.”

“Ella Mai ugly for that. she should have played her cards right and did a collab with jacquees, or had him pay her to put it on apple music or spottily,” another fan added on Twitter.