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DJ Mustard Defends Ella Mai Against Jacquees “Trip” Backlash

Ella Mai

DJ Mustard has come to the defense of his artist Ella Mai.

Since Jacquees was forced to remove his “Trip” remix from online streaming service, Ella Mai has been getting some serious hate on social media. DJ Mustard, who she is signed to, has issued a statement saying that she did not directly ask the R&B singer to remove the song, but the label did. “Our artists don’t send cease and desists, we do,” he said.

“When you monetize content you don’t own you are stealing and no one steals from 10 Summers,” Mustard continues. “Ella had no say in the matter and any platform reporting any differently is spreading falsities. This is simply a press or marking, or some strategy to deviate from the narrative that Ella is breaking records left and right because the music she’s making is cutting through straight to fans at a rate people haven’t seen in years.”

Ella Mai herself has not addressed the controversies, but rather letting her label fight for her honor. Prior to this news coming out, she and Jacquees have been on good terms, so it will be interesting to see if this episode will change that.

Mai is signed to DJ Mustard’s label 10 Summers.