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Stefflon Don Styled Stylo G and Nicki Minaj Over “Touch Down” Beef

Stylo G and Stefflon Don

Did Stefflon Don styled Stylo G and Nicki Minaj over the “Touch Down” remix beef?

Some folks are saying that Stylo G was the one who styled Stefflon Don, but it appears that they both styled each other. So you can tell a lot of styling is happening on social media over this one hit song. As you’re aware, Nicki Minaj and Vybz Kartel hopped on the remix for the track, and it’s pure fire.

Since the remix was released last month, several artists have recorded their own remix, and Beenie Man even revealed that his verse was removed from the track. Stylo G shared a direct message exchanged he had with Stefflon Don where she blasted him for having her version of the track removed from YouTube. Sources told Urban Islandz that it was his labeled who have the record removed for illegal copyright infringement.

“Yo batty bwoy u n ur hoering friend got my sh*t taken down don’t play with me Stylo it’s gonna get piek,” she wrote in his DM. The British dancehall star didn’t say much except to hashtag “taken down.” Fans are also suggesting that her “hoering” comment is directed towards Nicki Minaj.

“This is the kind of bs I have to go thru when people in the industry don’t understand the business and copyright laws. I say no more. #TOUCHDOWN OUT NOW #TAKEOFFTAKEDOWN #LeaveDipoorManFoodalone,” G wrote on the Gram.

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Stefflon Don later issued a lengthy response saying that she had only sampled the song when there are numerous remixes floating around the web. “Me sampling this song i am really confused as to why this man felt some type of way as there are numerous of remixes of this song online and they are all still up,” she wrote.”

Don continues, “Plus Me and him go way back he was just at my birthday a few weeks ago and we go back and forth with song ideas all the time, so this to me feels a little to personal. lye been teasing this song on my page weeks before it got released so he knew it was coming so if he or the producer felt away why not just call me, they both know me? After i posted the song he first came in my comments telling someone to go s*ck der mum because they @ him asking why he ddnt support the ting.”