Vybz Kartel & Nicki Minaj Spits Fire On Stylo G “Touch Down” Remix

Vybz Kartel and Nicki Minaj spit pure fire on Stylo G’s “Touch Down” remix.

The best of both worlds collide on the remix for Stylo G’s banger “Touch Down.” Vybz Kartel and Nicki Minaj appeared on the track making it the first time that they’re working together on the same single. After listening to this track, you will want Kartel and Nicki to do a whole album. That would surely be one for the ages. The best of dancehall meet the best of hip hop, arguably.

Stylo G and Fanatix dropped the surprised remix for “Touch Down” last week, and if you’ve ever heard the original song then you would know that the beat is sick, and Kartel and Nicki took it to a whole new level.

“Just touched down in a the G5, Mm-hmm, You know I’m buzzin’ like a beehive, Mm-hmm, We still bumpin’ to dat C5, Mm-hmm, Fendi prints pon mi knee highs, Mm-hmm, Body goodie so mi mad dem, Mm-hmm,” Nicki Minaj spits.

“Just touched down like NASA, Mm-hmm, Nicki pum-pum fatter, Mm-hmm, While you deh a your job, Mm-hmm, Your girl givin’ me a blowjob, Mm-hmm, Ha-ha-ha-ha, Mm-hmm, More balls than Liverpool, Mm-hmm, Well bad dawg, we no fool,” Vybz Kartel rhymes.

The track was produced by Fanatix who did a great job with the beat. Take a listen to “Touch Down” remix below.