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Amber Rose Says She Makes $2 Million Per Year From Instagram

Amber Rose

Amber Rose is banking paper from Instagram.

In the age of social media, celebrities and marketers are making millions from the internet. Amber Rose spilled the beans on how much she is making on Instagram with her 19 million followers. In her recent interview with Van Lathan on his “The Red Pill” podcast, Rose revealed that she makes north of $2 million per year from Instagram alone.

“There’s girls that make more than $2 million a year, I make $2 million on Instagram a year, yeah,” she told Van who was stunned like the rest of us. Van even questioned if it makes sense these days to go to college. “A n**** went to college and bought into that bullsh*t, and Amber’s making $2 million off Instagram. Wow,” he said.

Amber Rose says her earnings come from her endorsement deals with brands like Fashion Nova and Flat Tummy Co, the company that girls on the Gram promote flat tummy tea for. The blonde bombshell was very candid in the interview where she also spoke about her rough upbringing in Philadelphia where she tried to get into the crack business.