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Amber Rose Tried To Be A Crack Dealer In Philly And Failed Myserably

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Amber Rose says she is a failed crack dealer.

The 35-year-old model/actress revealed some never before known facts about herself in a new interview with Van Lathan’s “The Red Pill” podcast. Amber Rose says she tried to sell crack in her hometown of Philly back in the day and failed. She told Van that the drug dealers never took her seriously and that they believed that she was too pretty and that she would get robbed if she ventured down that road.

“You know, I tried selling drugs,” Rose said. “I tried selling crack in my neighborhood. And they (drug dealers) were like, ‘No.’ They said I was gonna get robbed, I was a girl, and I was too pretty, and it wasn’t going to happen.”

Despite her difficulties in trying to get into the illicit drug game, Amber Rose says she then decided to work behind the scenes where she weighs out and bags up the illegal substance for the drug dealers who would then pay her for her service.

“So what I did, I would bag it up for them,” she revealed. “I would weigh it and bag up the crack rocks for them, and they would throw me some money.”

Amber Rose added that unlike rappers in the game, she never had to tell that back story of her life to get famous, but she did what she had to do at the time to feed her family. The blonde bombshell was also a stripper before she became famous nine years ago.

These days Amber Rose is a wealthy celebrity socialite who banks millions for using her image and influence to promote products and host gigs. She also has a child with famous rapper Wiz Khalifa and is famous for her past relationship with Kanye West. Listen to her full interview with Van Lathan below.