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Vic Mensa Gave XXXTentacion’s Mother A Proper Apology For BET Diss

Vic Mensa interview

Vic Mensa says he took the opportunity to issue a proper apology to XXXTentacion.

Back in October, Vic Mensa received some backlash from the late rapper XXXTentacion‘s legion of fans online for dissing him in front of his mother at the BET Hip-Hop Awards. Speaking with “The Breakfast Club” on Monday of this week, the Chicago rapper revealed that he personally called up X’s mom and formally apologize to her for the disrespect. He also noted that he was trying to make a broader point about domestic violence.

“I actually reached out to his mother personally,” Vic said. “I apologized to her because I didn’t know she would be in attendance… I wouldn’t walk back any of my statements because what I said, I meant. And some more truth came to light not long after.”

Although he had good intentions, Vic Mensa admitted that the way he went about it wasn’t the best way. “I think the conversation is one that had to be had – talking about violence against women and misogyny in hip-hop, but particularly violence against women,” he added. “I had a lot of people on the low reach out to me and thank me for that.”

At the time of his unfortunate death in June of this year, XXXTentacion was awaiting trial for allegedly assaulting his former girlfriend while she was pregnant. Prosecutors then dismissed the charges completely following his passing.