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Tory Lanez Calls Out Pusha T Moves On From Beef With Joyner Lucas

Pusha T rapper
Pusha T

Tory Lanez turned his attention to Pusha T as he looks for more worthy opponents than Joyner Lucas.

By now it’s evident that Tory Lanez is claiming victory in his beef with Joyner Lucas. On a side note, it was all lyrical fun for the two rappers so no hard feelings at the end of the day. The Canadian singer/rapper is now feeling confident, so he told Pusha T bluntly to step up and bring the smoke. DJ Akademiks made a post on Instagram suggesting that King Push should take over from Joyner.

“After hearing that last Tory song he feeling himself too much lyrically.. we need someone to humble him. If he battled PUSHA T?” AK wrote. Lanez quickly got wind of the post and left his thoughts underneath it for everyone to see.

“I love Pusha… but the way I would smoke him would be unfair,” he wrote while adding, “Matter of fact, tell him to step up too… we are accepting all smoke.” Pusha T has enough problems to deal with now than to accept a lyrical battle challenge from Tory Lanez, especially since he got very little to gain. Perhaps if Drake had made that statement, we would likely hear the next diss track that Pusha has been keeping inside his vault.

Nevertheless, a Tory Lanez and Pusha T beef would serve for good entertainment this Thanksgiving Day, but don’t hold your breath because it’s unlikely to happen. King Push was attacked at his concert in Toronto on Tuesday by Drake goons, allegedly. A video clip showing the incident went viral on social media and police reported that several individuals were injured and taken to a hospital. The G.O.O.D. Music rapper is placing the blame squarely at Drake’s feet for allegedly paying off his goons to come out and disrupt his show.