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Drake Fans Attacked Pusha T At Toronto Show: Full Video

Pusha T

Drake fans weren’t too thrilled with Pusha T at his concert in Toronto on Tuesday night.

Pusha T show abruptly ended about midway his set after some folks who are allegedly fans of Drake threw water on him that resulted in an on-stage brawl. The video clip below shows a portion of what went down. In the clip, you can see the G.O.O.D. Music rapper performing while walking to one corner of the stage. That’s when they some folks started throwing water.

King Push security confronted some of the folks who were throwing water, and at least one man was pulled onto the stage and beaten to a pulp. Sources say some patrons started scampering for the exit while others looked on in dismay. Toronto news channel CTV News reported that at least three people were injured in the melee. The three injured people were taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Pusha T was not hurt, but he was clearly disappointed that some unruly fans disrupted his show. Some fans reported that the Daytona rapper came back onto the stage and performed “InfraRed” to a lit audience. “They threw beer at Pusha, Pusha walked off for a minute, they rushed the stage, GOT JUMPED..and the Pusha came back out and performed infrared! SOUNDS LIKE ANOTHER W FOR PUSHA T,” one fan wrote.

Other fans had a different story to tell. “Pusha T ran scared for his life even when surrounded by an army of security this man is no gangster so don’t ever come to Toronto and disrespect the 6 God,” another fan added.

Drake is probably somewhere watching all of this unfold on social media and laughing. In his recent interview, he expressed that he wanted to punch King Push in the face for dissing his friend Noah “40” Shebib who is battling multiple sclerosis.

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