Marlon Samuels Exposed Yanique Curvy Diva With Video Evidence

Marlon Samuels is exposing Yanique Curvy Diva saying he smashed and he got video evidence.

The famed cricketer and the media personality/dancehall artists have been feuding for the past few weeks. Their beef stemmed from rumors that they were dating before Curvy Diva started denying the rumors and that upsets Samuels. Last weekend, Instaboy ousted the “Lifestyle” deejay during a lengthy rant on Instagram Live telling his followers that she spent a week at his house and even show them a cellphone video of when the two first hooked up.

“Mi no tell lie, see when the link make ya,” Samuels said while showing his followers a video on his cellphone of himself and another female resembling Yanique Curvy Diva getting up close and personal. “What good friends we have, them friendships there close.”

Marlon Samuels then proceed to inform his followers that he met Yanique Curvy Diva at KC and later invited her over to his house and she complied and spent a week with him. He also claimed that he has 32 cameras at his home to prove it.