Rapper Lil Pump Arrested For Discharging Gun At His Home

Lil Pump is currently in police custody after reportedly discharging a gun at his own home.

There are a lot of conflicting stories floating around pertaining to the reasons behind the “Gucci Gang” rapper’s arrest. Sources say the 17-year-old rapper was taken to a Juvenile detention center before placed on house arrest with an ankle monitor. TMZ reported that Lil Pump’s manager made a 911 call reporting that three men were trying to force their way into the rapper’s San Fernando Valley home around 4 PM. He was on the phone with Pump who was relaying the information to him while he was relaying it to dispatcher.

Pump claims that the suspects fired a shot through his front door and when cops arrived they found a bullet hole in the door. Here is where things got a bit weird, the cops say they didn’t find any of the three suspects and the lone bullet hole in the door appears to come from inside the residence. They also say that Lil Pump look like he was stoned from smoking a lot of weed.

The cops left and came back with a search warrant where they found a handgun in some bushes just below the balcony of Lil Pump’s apartment. The weapon was no loaded, but cops found bullets and marijuana inside of the apartment and arrested him for discharging a firearm in an inhabited place.

Turns out that’s just the beginning of the legal troubles for the rapper and his mother who also lives in the apartment. Cops are now investigating her for endangering a minor by leaving an unsecured gun at the home and drugs. The rapper insists that there were three men trying to get into the apartment and he only fired out of self-defense because he was in fear of his life.