Cardi B & Offset Beefed Up Security Despite YG Statement On L.A. Gang Threats

Cardi B is beefing up security around her despite YG saying all is well she can come to Los Angeles.

The Bronx rapper has been getting gang threats from the Crips since last week when she posted a photo of herself in a blue fur coat. One commenter told her specifically don’t come to L.A. while others accused her of disrespecting the notorious gang. It couldn’t come at the worst time for Cardi B when she is getting ready to perform at the NBA All-Star Weekend.

Cardi B has at least three shows lined up over the All-Star weekend which will bank her at least $250,000 in appearance fees so she is not about to cancel those gigs. She will appear with Offset at one of her events and we’re told that they are both beefing up security around them both as well as the venues where they will be performing.

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There will be tight security at all entrances and everyone will be searched for weapons. There will be both uniform and off-duty cops present at the shows ready to act in case there is an outbreak of gang violence. The number of armed guards is also significantly increased to ensure that both the artists and patrons feel safe.

A TMZ pap caught up with YG in L.A. yesterday and asked him about Cardi B’s issues with the Crips gang and if she should still come to Los Angeles. “Look at my life,” YG said while drawing attention to the red neon lights shining below his G Wagon. “The homegirl straight… She get love, she get love from me, know what I’m saying?”

Cardi B will be stepping out in her red bottoms in L.A.