Bounty Killer Says Lack Of Visa Stifling His Career

Bounty Killer says it’s about time he gets back a U.S. visa.

The dancehall icon has been without a United States visa for almost a decade which put a damper on his three decades old career. Bounty Killer and a few other dancehall artists visa were abruptly canceled in 2010 and although other artists have since gotten back their travel documents, Killer is still unable to set foot on US soil. The deejay says he is still at a loss as to why he is still without a visa.

“A long time eno man, it’s almost a decade,” Bounty said. “I have never been convicted of a crime so I think it’s a personal fight against me. I see people with severe case who get convicted and get a visa. So it’s just a personal attack on me. Dem just don’t want Bounty, but I am who I am and me can’t change. I can’t go tell the fada who make me say him have to make me over, me nah change.”

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Dancehall artists tend to make the bulk of their earnings performing on shows outside of Jamaica with the U.S. market being the most lucrative. Bounty Killer says his lack of visa has negatively impacted his career over the past decade and has also affected his charitable work.

The veteran deejay donated 63 beds to the Victoria Jubilee and Kingston Public hospitals in Kingston yesterday. He has been lauded for the move by his fans and celebrity peers including Shaggy who Killer says he drew inspirations from.

“This really affects the way I would want to help people, but in reality it is a privilege that the embassy gives and not a right so me nah guh get harsh,” he added. “While everybody gone get married to get a green card, me nah sell out Jamaica. A di blue book me a work with and me nah sell out my nationality fi nutten.”

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  1. Give the man him visa look how much other artists have criminal records and have visa all Sizzla have visa. vendetta against Bounty Killer