Meek Mill Weighs In On His Song Becoming Eagles Super Bowl Anthem

When the Philadelphia Eagles secured their spot in the Super Bowl, Meek Mill song “Dreams & Nightmares” became an instant team anthem.

The Philly rapper, who is currently serving 2-4 years in prison, has shared his reaction from behind bars after watching the players turn up to his classic single. The players were turning up to the single from on the field to the locker room and even in the parking lot. You can get a glimpse of what went down in the video clips below.

“It really lifted my spirit to hear the team rally around my songs because that’s why I make music–to inspire others and bring people together,” Meek Mill said in a statement via Bleacher Report. “The Eagles have also motivated me with the way they’ve overcome tough situations and injuries to succeed this year.”

The theme of the song fits right into the narrative of how Philadelphia Eagles overcome all odds to make it to the Super Bowl. “I used to pray for times like this, to rhyme like this / So I had to grind like that to shine like this / In a matter of time I spent on some locked up sh** / In the back of the paddy wagon, cuffs locked on wrists / See my dreams unfold, nightmares come true,” Meek Mill raps.

Meek Mill himself has overcome insurmountable odds to become one of the most recognized names in hip hop today. The MMG rapper has been behind bars since November last year for probation violation. He was sentenced to up to 4 years in prison and that sparked a national outcry with some celebrities like JAY-Z calling the judge sentencing heavy-handed. Meek’s legal team has been actively trying to secure his freedom but so far the judge has not budged and even denied a new request for bail.


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