Cardi B and Offset May Have Broken Up Again After Hackers Leaked Video Of Him Cheating

Cardi B and Offset may have broken up again after hackers leaked videos of the Migos rapper cheating.

Back in October, Cardi B dumped Offset after rumors started circulating that he had cheated on her. There were also some chatters that she may have broken up with him to rekindle her relationship with her ex-boyfriend. Turns out that was not the case after the pair quickly patched things up and within a few more days they got engaged. Now there might be more trouble in paradise.

Sources told Urban Islandz that hackers got into Offset’s iCloud account and uncovered a bunch of photos and videos including nude photos of Cardi B. We’re told that the hackers have been sending content to the “Bodak Yellow” rapper including a video allegedly showing her fiance and another woman at a hotel. The video appears to be recorded back in September around the time the Migos rapper was first rumored to be cheating on his girlfriend. Over the weekend, Cardi B posted some cryptic messages on Twitter and Instagram telling her fans that she is emotionally and thanking them for their support.

“I’m emotional today guys ..It’s a weird feeling of happy and sad but I’m not sad. Im just real grateful that you guys been supporting my new record .Its a good feeling after people constantly discourage you .You guys giving me strength like VitaminD,” she tweeted. Right after she posted that message she started following her ex-boyfriend Tommy on IG.

Judging from what she has been saying, Offset might be in for a very cold Christmas in the doghouse. “A lot of good things been happening to me ya’ll, it has been so good like you know my career, I got a good azz family, and I am so thankful,” she said in a video before she started tearing up.

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