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Nicki Minaj Confirms Pregnancy Or Trolling With Baby Emoji

Nicki Minaj either confirmed her pregnancy or is simply trolling us when she posted a baby emoji on Twitter last night.

Every couple of months or so rumors flare up about Nicki Minaj pregnancy but we have yet to have a baby. Now that she is a single woman there haven’t been any baby on the way rumors so perhaps Nicki is giving the rumor mill a jump start on this one. After all its midway into the year and she has a new album on the way that needs promotion.

On Monday night, Nicki Minaj tweeted out a baby emoji on Twitter with no explanation or anything. Now we have questions that need to be answered but she is radio silent. So, of course, Twitter went digging and so far nothing. Some fans think that the Young Money rapper is hinting at a collaboration with Asahd Khaled. Some fans even have some questions for Nas who is rumored to be banging Nicki Minaj since her split with Meek Mill.

In January, Meek Mill revealed that he got Nicki Minaj pregnant twice while they were dating. “I ain’t tell y’all bout her being preg… Nvm lol,” he wrote on SnapChat. There were also some rumors that she got pregnant and either did an abortion or maybe had a miscarriage. But what is Nicki Minaj getting at with this baby emoji at the moment?