Meek Mill Still Being Petty Claims He Got Nicki Minaj Pregnant

Meek Mill is still being petty about Nicki Minaj breakup and now he is claiming that he got her pregnant in November which means she should be now knocked up.

The Trini rapper confirmed her single status on Thursday on Twitter and her now ex-boyfriend Meek Mill immediately went into petty mode. First he posted on Instagram that she should not step out in a white Guiseppe Zanotti shoe called Lorenze. Nicki famously wore the same shoe in a music video with Ciara in 2013. Now the Philadelphia rapper is telling his fans on SnapChat that he got her pregnant prior to their breakup in December on her 34th birthday.

“I ain’t tell y’all bout her being preg… Nvm lol,” he wrote on SnapChat then quickly deleted it. If Nicki Minaj was pregnant this means that she either had a miscarriage or perhaps an abortion or maybe she is still pregnant, only time will tell. Whats even more strange is that Meek Mill has yet to confirm their breakup, only Nicki confirmed the split which could mean that is not what he really wants. Perhaps he is already missing kissing her feet or maybe he don’t want Drake or Safaree to get a hold of her.

Even if she was pregnant, I doubt he will win any credit for revealing that very sensitive news to the world and will make it less likely for him to win her back. This is also not the first time news of Nicki Minaj pregnancy surfaced online, but this is certainly the first time its coming from someone who would have knowledge like Nicki Mill.

A tweet last weekend from the Young Money rapper might also be a jab at all the stories Meek Mill has been posting on social media. “Miss, r u lying low until all that LaLa Land hype dies down?” she tweeted.


  1. Weak Mill getting desperate now take that L and hold ur corner. This is pathetic why would you now want to tell people this. Next thing we will hear from u is how her butt fake.

  2. Really? He just sounds like an ass smh..