Ishawna Gets More Backlash For Song Glorifying Domestic Abuse

Ishawna is back in the spotlight getting more bashing on social media for a new song that some folks says is glorifying domestic abuse.

Following the success of her “Equal Rights” single, Ishawna released a new track titled “Badman” where she sings about wanting a gangsta for her lover. But some dancehall fans are taking it a step further and calling her out for some of the lyrics on the track. “When you a f*** a badman / Yo better make sure say yo pu*** wall strong / Grip my throat tight with your hands / In a the bed head my head fi a slam / Slap up mi bottom,” Ishawna deejay.

Some of her female fans were not supportive of her. “This is sending the wrong message am sorry I can’t support this bulls***,” one fan wrote while another added, “It seems like black women, especially Jamaican women in general like bad boys that have no jobs, no money, no education, lots of baby mamas and disrespects women.”

Despite the backlash from some fans, Ishawna is actually getting a lot of support from others including some of her male fans. “She is not glorifying abuse, the song is about sex and what her preference is, so stop being stupid people,” one fan said.