Munga Honorable Attorney Calls For Police To Release Deejay

Munga Honorable is still behind bars, but his attorney is growing impatient and is calling for law enforcement to release the deejay.

The “Flipping Rhymes” deejay was picked up by police earlier this week in connection to a murder investigation of a warehouse operator on Molynes Rd in Kingston on May 13. Christopher Townsend, the lawyer representing Munga, says his client is innocent and cops should either charge him with a crime or release him. “My client maintains that he has nothing to hide and he has cooperated fully with the police,” Townsend said. The attorney also added that his client has no relation to the murder victim.

Police sources say they strongly believe that Munga Honorable can assist them with their investigation into the gruesome murder. Two years ago Munga was attacked and chopped several times sending him to the hospital. Police didn’t say if that incident has any relations with this murder investigation.