Munga Honorable Arrested For a Murder Case

Munga Honorable is currently in police custody after cops named him as a person of interest in a murder case.

The dancehall deejay has maintained his innocence, but cops say they are probing a recent killing that they believe that the artist is linked to. “He is not worried,” Munga attorney Christopher Townsend said. “Of course, custody can be a little bit uncomfortable and he has indicated how uncomfortable he is, but he believes that in the end he will certainly be vindicated,” he said. My client maintains that he has nothing to hide and he has cooperated fully with the police. No charges have been brought against him and he is looking forward to returning to his music that he loves so much.”

Senior superintendent in charge of the St Andrew South Division, Arthur Brown, confirmed that Munga is currently in custody but no charges have been laid against him up until the time of this publication. Brown says that the “Flippin Rhymes” deejay is only a person of interest at this time. Back in 2015, Munga was attacked and chopped several times with a machete, but he released a statement calling for peace.

“Me close brethren send me a message with my favourite song that I wrote tattooed on his chest as an inspiration to me, and him say, ‘don’t fight fire with fire, don’t fight darkness with darkness,’ so revenge is not my forte,” Munga said.