Vybz Kartel Axed “Loodi” From YouTube As Tension Grows

Vybz Kartel axed the solo version of “Loodi” from his Vevo channel on YouTube as tension continues to grow between his camp, producer Elvis Redwood, and Romeich Entertainment.

Shenseea and Romeich Major came under a lot of fire from Vybz Kartel’s Gaza fans this week when the original solo version was suddenly uploaded to YouTube. Both Romeich and Elvis of So Unique Records have addressed the controversy publicly and from what we get from their explanation, Vybz Kartel knew about Shenseea’s version of the song and he was properly compensated.

A little over a day after the solo version was uploaded, it was then removed. Sources told us that VP Records now owns the rights to the song and is inquiring about the growing tension over who authorized the song’s released. This could be why folks inside Vybz Kartel’s camp who uploaded the song then move to remove it. “People could get sued when the dust is all settled and my guess is that the song was illegally uploaded to YouTube, which is why we now see it being removed,” sources told us.

Despite the original version of “Loodi” being removed from Vybz Kartel’s Vevo channel, other dancehall channels have since re-uploaded that version so it is still available. Sources also told us that those videos may soon be removed as well after the song’s producer and VP filed a copyright notice to YouTube. Vybz Kartel, who is currently incarcerated, has remained mum on the controversy. On the day when the song was uploaded to his Vevo channel, there was a message in the description that reads “My song was never a collaboration!” Since then we haven’t heard anything from his camp rebutting anything that Elvis Redwood or Romeich Major said in their interviews. This could simply mean that both producers are telling the truth. There are also talks that Kartel himself didn’t authorize the uploading of the song, but so far that is just rumors.