‘Loodi’ Producer Elvis Says Kartel Knew About Shenseea Version and Was Paid

Elvis Redwood, the producer behind the controversial Vybz Kartel and Shenseea single “Loodi,” has finally speak.

In a video uploaded to social media, the So Unique Records head says that Vybz Kartel knoew about the collaboration with Shenseea and he was also compensated for his vocals. The song was released in October last year and fast forward six months someone inside the incarcerated deejay’s camp uploaded the original version of the song to his Vevo channel causing a lot of headaches for Elvis and Romeich Major.

Redwood reveals that he license the song to VP Records and Vybz Kartel and Romeich entertainment were also paid for the licensing by the record label. The producer also responded to criticism from Foota Hype saying that the producer of the song is to be blamed for the controversies. “Me and Foota Hype a brethrens and Foota a say he don’t blame the artist and don’t blame Romeich and me no blame Kartel, me blame the producer, blame the producer for what,” Elvis said. “What you blame me for, to put Shenseea on a Kartel song without Kartel permission. Me never in the past need Kartel permission, I just know the do’s and don’t.”