Spice Says She and Vybz Kartel The King and Queen Of Dancehall

Spice got a grip on dancehall with her new sheet movement, but the dancehall deejay has something else on her mind and that’s being the queen.

During her recent interview with Anthony Miller on ER, Spice opened up about being the top female dancehall artist in the game. “I am the only female to have gain over 70 million views on a single song, so I would definitely say that I am the top female right now,” she said.

When asked about who she thinks the king of dancehall is right now, she vehemently say it’s incarcerated deejay Vybz Kartel, with whom she has previously collaborated with. “Everybody know say a Gaza me say and not because Vybz Kartel is incarcerated doesn’t mean am going to turn my back on him and start say someone else, because a lot of fans jump ship,” Spice told Miller. “Am going to stay loyal because Vybz Kartel gave me my first international record ‘Romping Shop’ so I am not going to switch.”

Spice also said that she thinks Vybz Kartel will be freed in his upcoming appeal case.