Drake Tattoo “More Life” Bee Artwork On His Arm

Drake tattoo his More Life promo artwork on his arm leaving a permanent imprint from what is shaping up to be a landmark project.

The 6 God has been using the bee landing on a flower artwork to promote the album. The artwork is a symbol of giving life to as in the bee pollinating the flower. The tattoo was done by Swedish tattoo artist Niki Norberg, who shared a photo of the final product on Instagram today.

The album title More Life is inspired by the popular Jamaican dancehall slang “more life.” The slang really means giving life to or can be interpret as “more blessings.” There are a lot of fan fare surrounding the album and Drake is expected to pull some big numbers, but just how will it match up to the success of its predecessor Views which broke all types of records last year including the most streamed album of all time.

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