Drake’s Dad Unapologetic For Misleading Fans On “More Life” Update

Drake‘s dad, Dennis Graham, is reacting to a post he made on Instagram on Sunday giving us an update on More Life.

The infamous posts hinted that the album might be released on Sunday night but that didn’t happen just like all the other previous release dates. The elder Graham says he does not feel bad not even one bit for misleading fans. His explanation is that he specifically wrote that he was performing that night at Delilah nightclub in West Hollywood.

“No,” he responded when asked if he feels bad about it. “I put at the end of my post that I am performing tonight. Anything I post I always put More Life because that is what we are looking for More Life and I am affiliated with More Life, I am the face of More Life.”

There is still no official release date for the album from Drake’s camp and the last bit of information we have is that producer Noah “40” Shebib is putting in some finishing touches on the project.

This was what Dennis Graham originally wrote on his Instagram page. “Drake is gonna drop More Life after spongebob gets his boating license,” one fan wrote. “I’m legit hurt because Future dropping two albums and I’ve been waiting on Drake’s “More Life” since December.”

Drake fans on Twitter seems to be on the verge of having a panic attack if they don’t get the album soon. “I need drake to stop playing with my emotions and drop MORE LIFE… you always doin this to me @Drake,” one fan tweeted on Monday, while another fan added “The fact the J Lo and Drake have a track together on More Life makes my soul gleam.”

All signs are pointing to Drake dropping More Life very soon. Perhaps as soon as this weekend.