Noah ’40’ Shebib Says Drake’s ‘More Life’ Need More Work

Drake‘s go-to producer Noah ’40’ Shebib has confirmed that there is more work to be done on More Life.

Last weekend there was a flurry of activities from Drake and people inside his circle surrounding the release of “More Life.” All of his fans were holding their breath thinking that the playlist would be released on Saturday. On Friday night, Drizzy posted a cryptic message in Swedish and then deleted it which alluded to a March 4th, but that didn’t happen. On Sunday, his dad Dennis Graham shed some light on the project hinting that would be released yesterday, but that also didn’t happen.

Noah “40” Shebib is the latest person inside Drake’s camp to give an update on More Life and from what he wrote we know that he is basically saying that the album needs more work. The OVO producer was promoting his friend Ziggy new restaurant on Instagram and drop a few hints on the status of the album. “Shout out my long time brother Ziggy who just opened his new place,” Drake’s right-hand man wrote. “Zig I’ll be there asap just got to finish More Life.”

There is still no definitive release date for More Life and no other details available except that 40 is putting in the finishing touches. All signs point to it being released sometime this month. We also know that Jennifer Lopez, 21 Savage, Giggs, and The Weeknd are all on the guest list. Drake also told his fans that the project is not an album but more like a playlist that he is working on in collaboration with Apple Music. The LP will be available exclusively on Apple Music/iTunes due to his deal with the Apple that’s reportedly worth some 20 million. The 6 God currently making his way across Europe for his “Boy Meets World” tour.