Troy Ave Shooting: VLAD Caught Up In TaxStone Murder Case

The TaxStone murder case in the Troy Ave 2016 shooting at Irving Plaza in New York just keep on unfolding.

Earlier this month TaxStone, who hosts a popular podcast name Tax Season, was arrested in NY after months of investigations into the May 2016 shooting. The incident left Troy Ave nursing a gunshot wound to his leg and his bodyguard Ronald McPhatter shot dead.

Tax, whose real name is Daryl Campbell, is accused of being the man the pulled the trigger. His DNA was found on the murder weapon and a witness positively ID him. Troy Ave was accused by some quarters of the hip hop community as snitching on the radio host. But now more accusations are coming out with new reports linking an interview with VLAD TV as part of the evidence authorities are using to build their case against TaxStone. Investigators also said they used social media and past statements that the radio hosts made against Troy Ave on his show as evidence of his guilt.

This is the interview TaxStone did with VLAD.

This is an analysis from DocHicks TV.