Troy Ave Shooting: Taxstone’s DNA Found On Murder Weapon

If this bit of information is one hundred percent accurate then TaxStone is in a world of legal troubles in relation to Troy Ave shooting.

Unless you have been off the grid over the last day then you would have learned that radio personality TaxStone was arrested in connection to Troy Ave shooting at T.I.’s concert at the Irving Plaza in New York last year. The Tax Season host was arrested at his Aunt’s house in New York on Monday but no charges have been laid out against him yet.

Troy Ave was shot in his leg during the shooting incident and his bodyguard Ronald McPhatter was shot and killed. Two other innocent bystanders were shot and injured during the incident. The NY Times reported that DNA evidence found on the murder weapon belong to TaxStone, whose real name is Daryl Campbell. Ave’s, born Roland Collins, as well as McPhatter’s DNA was also found on the weapon. Cops have been investigating how Campbell’s DNA got onto the gun. Times reported that he had the gun prior to the shooting, and was captured on video inside the green room before the gunfire broke out. Troy Ave was also captured on video discharging a weapon in a room full of people.

According to police reports, Troy Ave, who was holding the 9-millimeter Kel-Tec semi-automatic handgun, fired at Campbell, aka TaxStone, who was fleeing the scene at the time. The New York rapper was originally arrested and charged with the murder of his own bodyguard but cops later dropped that charge.

It will be interesting to see the outcome of this case and if TaxStone will eventually go to prison for McPhatter’s murder. He already has a previous criminal record where he served time for robbery and weapons charges so that will go against him.