Troy Ave Accused Of Snitching On TaxStone

Did Troy Ave snitched on TaxStone and could potentially send him to prison for a very long time?

There have been a lot of talks since the arrest of the Tax Season podcast host earlier this week that the New York rapper was the one who ratted him out to authorities. There is no way of knowing for sure, hip hop fans on social media seems to think so.

The Game manager Wack 100 also posted a video on Instagram commenting on the same topic. In his opinion, there are five rules of the street and the first four is “never say nothing” and the fifth one is pleading the fifth. According to Wack, if your attorney suggest to authorities that you may know something then you need to fire him asap.

TaxStone was taken into custody on Tuesday (Jan 16) after being investigated for the May 2016 shooting at T.I. concert at Irving Plaza in New York. Cops say his DNA was found on the gun that was used to shoot Troy Ave in his leg and killed his bodyguard Ronald McPhatter. The radio personality is being held without bail after a witness stepped forward and identified him as the shooter.