TaxStone Held Without Bail After Witness Identified Him As Shooter

TaxStone remained in jail today after he was denied bail. A witness also came forward and identified him as the shooter in the deadly Irving Plaza shooting involving rapper Troy Ave last year.

The Tax Season podcaster, whose real name is Daryl Campbell, was arrested earlier this week in connection with the shooting that left Troy Ave nursing gunshot wounds to his leg and his bodyguard Ronald McPhatter dead. Two other bystanders were also injured in the May 2016 shooting.

Campbell’s bail was set at $500,000 but prosecutors managed to convince a judge to deny him release on house arrest pending the charges against him, the New York Daily News reported. A witness also came forward and positively identified TaxStone as the man who pulled the trigger. Prosecutors told Manhattan Federal Judge Lewis Kaplan that the witness testimony could bring new charges to the defendant.

The evidence against TaxStone is mounting after cops reported this week that his DNA was found on the murder weapon. His defense attorney says he is not a violent person and that prosecutors wrongfully targeted him based on his podcast.