Flippa Mafia Charged With Assaulting Prison Guard

Dancehall star Flippa Mafia is in more legal troubles after being charged for assaulting a prison guard.

Flippa is currently serving a 25-year sentence for his drug trafficking conviction, conspiracy and money laundering. But now he may see more time added to that sentence after his vicious attack on South Woods State Prison correctional officer Victor Tapia, NJ.com reported.

The incident took place on July 26 last year and on January 11 this month, a Cumberland County Grand Jury indicted Flippa Mafia, whose real name is Andrew Davis, on charges of assaulting a correctional officer. It’s still unclear what triggered the incident, but reports allege that the officer was patrolling the medium security section of the prison at approximately 8 PM when Davis, 38, started punching him. The photo above shows officer Tapia with swellings on his head.

This means that the dancehall star could receive additional prison time and also decrease his chance of parole after 12 years into his sentence. Flippa Mafia was found guilty on cocaine trafficking, money laundering, and conspiracy charges in December 2015. He along with several others including his brother and girlfriend have been under police investigations for years for running an international drug trafficking ring spanning Jamaica, California and New Jersey.

Flippa, real name Andrew Davis, was sentenced to 25 years, while his brother, Kemar Davis, was given 20 years and girlfriend Marsha Bernard sentenced to 21 years.


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